Political factors: the heightened political tensions and Russian Government's focus on import substitution have made some companies more vary of buying foreign goods and services, but Russians understand that British exports provide some of the highest quality most innovative goods and services available. Significant oppotunities remain in, for example, consumer goods, luxury, education, and machine tools.

Economic factors:

  • GDP: Russia was the world 9th largest economy by GDP according to the IMF's 2014 figures. However, the combined impact of the fall in the oil price over the second half of 2014 (IMF 2017).
  • Unemployment: Increasing unemployment and purchasing power decreased

Social factors: Previous attacks have targeted transport infrastructure, including airports, buses, trains and Metro systems. Further attacks are likely, and could take place anywhere in Russia.

Technological factors: Russia is the leading country in space science and technology and it sent first man in space. Russia has paid more attention on advanced technology like Rosnano and Nanotechnology. It has made developments in different fields like IT technology and also made significant improvement in their living standard.


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Kumar, V. (2015) "POLITICAL CULTURE AND DEMOCRATIZATION IN RUSSIA". Comparative Politics (Russia) 5 (3(17), 60

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