Convention Walking around the clark county democratic convention

A long line had formed hours before the doors were to open.

The Clark County Democratic Convention at Cashman Center in Las Vegas officially began at 10 am when the doors were opened for attendees registered and not registered. Earlier that morning the county party's credentials chair was suspended, threatening to derail the days proceedings.

Of the nearly 9,000 delegates elected on caucus day in February, less than 4,000 showed up for the convention. 1,500 alternates also showed up.

People settled in for what would be a long day.

Supporters for Sanders showed their support for their candidate.....

...As did Clinton's supporters.

People dressed in their patriotic finery for the day.

The event brought in young and old, each with their individual style...

...Including some who sported 'Do Not Pet' warnings.

Even Star Trek was represented.

Campaign ephemera became fashion statements.

By the end of the day, Sanders was declared the winner, but even for his supporters the long day had taken its toll.

all photos taken with a Fuji x100s

Created By
Adam Bucci