Cancer Linsey leadbetter

According to Merriam-Webster...


Something evil or malignant that spreads destructively

Middle English

According to me...

Sickness, illness, nauseated, disease, anger, mean, and takes over.

A sickness that makes you bald, malnourished, weak, depressed, scared and frightened. This illness also makes you numb, cold, hot, and confused.

With this sickness, you go to the clinic one day at a time and do treatments. Sometimes these treatments make you lose your hair, toenails, loss of appetite, and makes you very nauseated. Sometimes the treatment will also makes you lose your taste in foods.

Cancer is an illness that everybody hates. It has taken people's lives, destroyed families, and has made people lose parts of their body because of this awful disease. Cancer starts by some people having a type of abnormality happen to their body. They get a bunch of tests done just to justify it is cancer. Depending on which kind, next they will start chemotherapy or radiation. Hoping the medication helps and you become in remission. Faithfully you pray that you stay that way and it never comes back.

The word cancer can be an angry word. The feelings coming from cancer is awful. The looks from cancer is sickly.

Cancer is not a happy thing, nor is cancer exciting news.

"Cancer." Merriam-Webster, n.d.


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