Holden's playlist

Green Day -Boulevard of broken dreams

I walk this empty street On the boulevard of broken dreams Where the city sleeps And I'm the only one, and I walk alone
Practically everyone in the school was there but me - Holden Ch1

Holden constantly feels alone, isolated and different from everyone else, he doesn't feel close to anybody even calling strangers in the middle of the night just to fill the void

Avril Lavigne -Here's to never Growing up

Here's to never growing up
You don't have to get sexy to know a girl -CH11

Holden idolizes Childhood and innocence, the only characters he only refers to in a positive manner are children and he constantly refers to most adults as being perverts

Bon Jovi Misunderstood

I stumbled like my words, did the best I could Damn, misunderstood ....Intentions good.
I don't know, nothing special I just thought youd like to chat for a while -CH 13

Holden never knows how to express his thoughts he is constantly mixing things up and getting in trouble for it

Somebody To Love -Queen

Can anybody find me somebody to Love
But I kept walking over to the mall because thats where pheobe usually goes-Holden CH16

Holden Is lonely and even though he tries to come across as hateful with no concern for others but he is actually a very sentimental person who would like nothing more than not to feel alone

Too Dumb To Die- Green Day

Lost somewhere over the rainbow Way up high, too scared to dream But too dumb to die
He used to keep them under his bed... it depressed the holy hell out of me-Holden CH15

Holden is very obviously struggling with depression, he constantly refers to how things make him feel depressed and how much he wants to ill himself

If everyone Cared -Nickleback

If everyone cared and nobody cried If everyone loved and nobody lied If everyone shared and swallowed their pride Then we'd see the day when nobody died When nobody died...
But he wouldn't believe me... People never believe you -Holden CH5

Holden is constantly being misunderstood and has trouble expressing his thoughts which has led him to become isolated and have a pessimistic view of the world around him

Breakdown -Plain White T's

I'm gonna drive and never ever slow down. I'm gonna drive until I break down. Packing my things and getting out of this town. I'm gonna drive until I break down.
I started talking, sort of aloud to Allie. I do that sometimes-Holden CH14

Holden Is very clearly dealing with mental issues, depression anxiety and probably some personality disorders, Enough so that he tries to escape the pain by speaking to his dead brother

Hate- Plain white T's

(Hate) Hate is a strong word But I really, really, really don't like you
When he finished. You would have puked, they went mad-Holden CH12

Holden is only depicted to have negative feelings about the world around him, almost as if he hates his own existence and blames the world for it

Pocket full Of Dreams- Hedley

I never found a shooting star and there's holes in my jeans I didn't win the lottery or build a time machine I never had much at all but I still got everything to lose
I sat in this vomity looking chair in the lobby and thought about her-Holden CH11

Holden hardly ever pays attention to the present, throughout most of the book he's always thinking about hypotheticals along with the past and the future

Villain- Hedley

I'm so cold and far away from home You're so tired and so damn alone It's darker and much harder to be me So far away from my reality
I was probably the only normal bastard in the whole place-Holden CH9

Holden feels like no one is like him, alone, always off at some boarding school, no friends, no family, no girlfriend, nobody,


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