Exploring Quality Of Life By: Spencer

In my project Exploring Quality Of Life I have chosen to look at a cross section of world countries. The countries I have chosen to work with for my project are Ireland (Europe), Brazil (South America), and Portugal (Southern Europe). Quality of life in a given country is often gauged by the happiness or contentment of its people. In my project I am going to compare five elements of each country. The five aspects I am going to explore include Life Expectancy, HDI Ranking, Healthcare, Literacy Rate, and Average Income. I believe that countries that are higher on the HDI scale usually have a higher quality of life because countries higher on the list have better healthcare and life expectancy. I believe this is true because countries with better healthcare can generally fight diseases giving more and more people a higher life expectancy. By exploring varying aspects of each of these countries I will look at whether the quality of life in a country is directly related to statistical data that I have compiled.

Country #1

Ireland ranked 9th in the world.

Ireland's HDI ranking is 9th in the world there healthcare is modern safe and among the best in the world it is free or subsided they can choose to use either the government funded public healthcare system or the private healthcare system. Irelands life expectancy is 80.19 years. An average salary in Ireland consists of 10 000 euros - 30 000 euros per year. So in Canada that would be like making 13902.00 Canadian Dollars to 41721.94 Canadian Dollars per year so it is ok but they could be making way more the reason it seem like so little is because the exchange rate is not very good on euros. Irealands literacy rate is 1 in 6 adults have problems reading in Ireland. It isn't the greatest but it is only 17.9% of people that have trouble reading where the other 82.1% of people are capable of reading. Irelands Quality Of Life is great except for the literacy rate.

Just as it said above 1 in 6 people have trouble reading (look above).

Country #2

Portugal ranked 33rd in the world.

Portugal's HDI ranking is 33rd in the world there life expectancy is 80.37 years this makes there healthcare even better. It is the ninth best in Europe and it is high quality they have private healthcare for wealthier people and families with more money. The average income for someone there would be 19,882 USD per year that is the equivalent of 26370.49 Canadian Dollars it isn't that much but they make a living around it. Portugals literacy rate is 95.7% of people in Portugal know how to read. It is better than Ireland's literacy rate by 13.6% making them have better jobs because if you can't read then you basically can't get a good job. Every aspect of Portugals Quality Of Life is good except for their average income per year.

25% of people in Portugal live in Poverty.

Country #3

Brazil ranked 76th in the world.

Brazil's HDI ranking is 76th in the world there life expectancy is 73.62 years it makes there healthcare not as good as the other two countries Health care in Brazil is a right you have but public healthcare is provided to all Brazilians and foreigners from other countries and this is provided by the National Healthcare System. A person in Brazil's average salary would be $10,310 per year after taxes. It really isn't that much but it's enough for them where as in Canada if a person with that salary would barely have enough to live for a whole year. Brazil's literacy rate is 92.2% of people know how to read in Brazil. It is pretty good except for the 7.8% of people who don't know how to read but except for that and except for their life expectancy everything in this country's quality of life is pretty good.

As you now know countries with a higher literacy rate and a higher healthcare generally have a bigger and better HDI ranking making them the better country in the world. I found that since Ireland had such a good HDI ranking it led to them having a better literacy rate and better healthcare. In Portugal their HDI ranking was ok but there literacy rate drags them down but their healthcare is really good it's one of the best in Europe. And in Brazil there healthcarye is good especially for foreigners and Brazilians but there literacy rate is not very good. So as you can see these factors led to a better quality of life in many of these given countries.

Some agencies to make a country a better place are Habitat for Humanity, Water Aid, and The Salvation Army they are all great contenders because all of these charities or agencies have done many world wide projects to help anyone and everyone who need help. Habitat for Humanity has made many new houses for families that are in need or just want a new house. I personally have a habitat house and I know it definitely helped out my family a lot. So if habitat for Humanity was to go to more and more places we could then ensure that everyone has a safe and better quality of life by providing them with new homes. Water aid has helped many families and people by providing them with safe drinking water for a long time I feel that if they give out little water purification systems to everyone everywhere it could potentially make diseases less likely. Another great agencie would be the IAVI foundation in the IAVI it is a global not-for-profit organization whose mission is to ensure the development of safe, effective, and accessible preventive AIDS vaccines for people living throughout the world. I think that if they keep going to places that are really low on the HDI ranking should get more and more help with all of these agencies but yet again in richer countries there are still people living in poverty. I think hat when I become 15 or 16 I will start to help out with habitat for Humanity in my spare time so that I can try to insure a more safe and better living quality not only in my community but in everywhere that I can.

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