Hogwarts returns to Wilchester!

We are excited to bring our Hogwarts competition back to Wilchester this year! We will continue celebrating our love of learning with some Harry Potter themed fun! While our competition takes place in the magical world of Harry Potter, reading the books will not be part of this experience so families can have ownership over when these books are shared with their children.

All classrooms in the school have been sorted into one of the four Hogwart's houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. This means that many classrooms will be assigned to the same Hogwart's house. Anyone within a particular house will earn points for their house, and the Hogwart's house that earns that greatest number of points by the end of the experience will win the House Cup. Different learning-related activities will earn a student or class House points. These points will be turned in weekly to Mrs. Dolan and a tally will be reported on during announcements. There is no limit to the number of points a student or class can earn.

Character traits of those in Hogwart Houses:

Hufflepuff: Hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, fair play.

Ravenclaw: Intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, acceptance.

Gryffindor: Courage, chivalry, recklessness, nerve.

Slytherin: Ambition, cunning, resourcefulness

Earning House Points:

  • Complete a class read aloud each day for 3 days - 2 House points
  • Share a book with another class that would be perfect for them - 1 House point
  • Share a book recommendation on morning announcements - 2 House points (write a script that includes the book title, author/illustrator, a little taste of the book, and why you think someone might like it)
  • Use a read aloud shared by another class in the school - 2 House points
  • (Grades 3-5) Read a book from the Bluebonnet list as a class - 1 point for a picture book and 3 House points for a chapter book
  • (Grades Pre-K- 2) Read a book from the Texas 2 by 2 list- 1 House point
  • Read a book from Capstone Interactive as a class - 1 House point
  • Make a book trailer for a book in our library - 5 House points (be sure to complete the book trailer rubric before turning your book trailer in. Trailers will be shared on this site, in the library, and on Twitter.)
  • Read a book that has been recommended via a book trailer on this site - 2 House points
  • Have someone from the administrative team read a book to your class - 2 House points
  • Read a book during your specials lessons - 1 House point
  • Share a book using Flip Grid - 2 House points (write a script that includes the book title, author/ illustrator, a little taste of the book, and why you think someone might like it)
  • Buddy reading with another classroom in your House - 3 House points
  • Integrate our Harry Potter theme into a content area lesson - 3 House points
  • Complete more than 250 lessons as a class in Dreambox in a week's time - 3 House points
  • Read more than 60 books as a class in Epic in a week's time - 3 House points
  • Have a guest or mystery reader (parent, grandparent, friend) come in and read to your class - 1 House point
  • Have a student bring a favorite book from home that the teacher reads to the class - 1 House points
  • Send another class or teacher a note via owl post - 1 House point
  • Create a well designed, professional poster or sign for an upcoming author visit - 4 House points for a poster and 6 points for a large (class or group created) sign on butcher paper to hang in the main hallway downstairs
  • Explore links sent for an author visit as a class in order to build background knowledge and discuss what you've learned - 2 House points
  • Complete a Reader's Theater activity for one of the Bluebonnet Books - 1 House point
  • Complete a Reader's Theater as a group and record it - 3 House points (be sure to practice and make the recording a good one so that we can share it)
  • Brainstorm some questions for an upcoming author visit (that you think he/she won’t answer in his/her presentation) as a class - 2 House points
  • Students in 3rd-5th who read at least 5 Bluebonnet books are qualified to vote on their favorite Bluebonnet book on Jan. 30th and 31st and will receive 2 House points.
  • Have another fun way to promote reading and earn House points? Let me know so we might add it to the website!

Want to be part of the Harry Potter theme?

  • Make a House sign for your classroom
  • Talk about the positive traits that your House represents and how we can show those characteristics around the school
  • Share a letter with someone else in your House via owl post
  • Play a muggle (non-magical) Quidditch match
  • Found another fun way to be part of the fun? Share it and I will add it to the website!

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