Gifts to grow! 20 foot container from jha fund ARRIVED IN antalaha, madagascar! THanks to aust&hachmann canada AS WELL AS all the GENEROUS people that helped and donated!

Antalaha, January 9th 2017 -Container arrived from Montreal, Canada!
Off loading, all done by hand
Lots of strong helpers!
Organized in piles according to destination
The offloading team all got a Macolline/Aust&Hachmann Canada t-shirt
First delivery: To the local orphanage, run by nuns
Second delivery for physically and mentally challenged children of Antalaha
The English club students volunteering their help
Arrival to the school. Thanks to Lori Segall Burnett for the next 7 photos
Happy faces
Checking out the new books and toys
A few days later, next delivery!
Grateful doctors and nurses
Medical equipment delivery to local hospitals
Thank you Marie Helene for helping with the distribution all the way to Andapa!
Next event: Books, footballs, and caps for all my English students
Also, footballs and uniforms for team Mavedoany CALA leprosy village! All thanks to AUST&HACHMANN CANADA LTD
Delivery # ... who knows at this point
Arrived to one of the CALA leprosy villages with a bus full of boxes, scooters and bikes
Off loading and sorting, AGAIN!
Finally! Play time!
First time trying a bike
High school village students can now get to school faster and easier. Arsene will repair and sell the broken bikes!
Macolline guides now have their own set of wheels to get to and from work
Thanks to Yan VDW for this one!
Arnaud, an top University student that JHA FUND supports. Thanks TR for his new laptop!
On our way to the next stop
Handing out of new crutches and clothes
Happy village kids!

A huge thank you to everyone in Montreal, Canada that helped make this happen!!

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