Photos: Creative Imperatives Celebrating women in the world through the arts.

Theatre Professor Joe Anderson talks about how foundational garments throughout history have manipulated and artificially shaped the natural, physical form of women all in the name of fashion or status.
Students create photograms in the darkroom at Wing Technology Center. The session was focused on Anna Atkins (1799-1871) an English botanist and, some argue, the very first female photographer, most noted for using photography in her books on various plants. Atkins chose to use the photogram process to create the first work with photographic illustrations. "Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions" was created by placing a plant specimen on light-sensitized paper and exposing it to sunlight.
Examples of photograms created by participants.
Faculty and students from EDS 311, a course in curriculum and pedagogy for aspiring educators, discuss the artwork on display and how educators plan for and integrate art addressing engendered PK-12 school systems that attempt to understand and fight back against sexist and binary perspectives in classroom curriculum. Photo by Michele Freisema.
Festival Guest Meagan Crowley stokes the forge in the metals lab. Crowley led a workshop on forming sheet metal into fluid organic forms.
Onlookers watch Crowley hammer sheet metal during her workshop.
Left, Dessa performs an acoustic set with Monakr guitarist Matthew Santos in Annett Recital Hall, Center for the Arts.
Kathy Gorman leads a talk about the innovations of Martha Graham. Graham revolutionized the posture of dance by incorporating the contraction and release motions of the torso into her modern dance technique.
Festival guest Ingrid Stölzel, right, talks with Associate Professor Jonathan Borja about gender inequality in music composition and steps that can be implemented to achieve gender parity.
A session that explores movements in art history that involved the human body as a means of making a painting, with particular emphasis on feminist artists, theories and practices.
A close up of a participants feet painting a canvas.
A session on collage techniques had participants create their own wearable buttons championing underrepresented female artists while also becoming familiar with women artists who have shaped art history.
Particpants create their own wearable buttons of underrepresented female artists.
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