Science CAT S4 By lucy roberts

What if an earthquake struck Indonesia?

Indonesia is on a region of major earthquake and volcanic activity. Investigate how and why the 2004 earthquake occurred and what it effected.

Lotus DIagram

Brainstorming and investigating questions about what would be affected, who would be affected and what countries would be affected from an earthquake that occurred in Indonesia.


From the lotus diagram I applied the answers from there and put them into my poster.

What is the Richter scale?

The Richter scale was created in the 1930's. It measures and defines the magnitude of an earthquake through seismic waves. The Boxing Day tsunami was recorded as a 9.1 magnitude earthquake.

The Boxing Day earthquake was a 9.1 magnitude earthquake. Which caused near total destruction and visible waves.

What tectonic plate is Australia on?

Most earthquakes occur on the plate boundaries (where the tectonic plates push against each other). Australia doesn't sit on the edge of a tectonic plate, it sits in the middle of the Indo-Australian plate. The Indo-Australian plate is pushing against the north east plates (Eurasian, Phillipines and the Pacific plate), which is causing pressure. The building pressure causes earthquakes in Australia.

Where do most earthquakes occur?

80% of earthquakes occur around the edge of the Pacific Plate (the Ring of Fire).


What went well? I am happy with the presentation of my poster. I enjoyed finding information about this topic and writing about it. And I also learnt how an earthquake generates a tsunami.

Even better if? I checked and asked for feedback from my teacher before submitting it. I could have also came up with more creative questions in my lotus diagram that helped me create my poster.

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