MAPin is a collective of career pathways and college programs designed to provide students with resources to explore, identify and develop their academic and career pathway goals. From June 26th - 30th, MAPin hosted a Cybersecurity - Ethical Hackers Bootcamp at the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education Center in San Jose, CA. Seats filled up fast as eager middle school kids signed up for the week-long, in-depth bootcamp with Servane Demol, the founder and CEO of Code 4 Fun.

Cybersecurity Orientation Night

The Orientation Night  was held Wednesday, June 14th on the SVCTE campus, to familiarize parents and students with the boot camp location and curriculum.

Our event kicked off on Wednesday when parents were invited to attend the Cybersecurity Boot Camp Orientation. MAPin team member Daniel Negrete and Alexis Maciel were on hand to assist with registration and processing student forms.

Servane Demol, the founder of Code 4 Fun, Ujjwala Gadgil Program Coordinator-East Bay & Lead Instructor and MAPin hosted the orientation night, reviewed the cybersecurity coursework which includes advanced skills like Python, malware detections and ethical hacking principles.

The community we serve usually consists of busy working households with multiple children, creating challenges of coordinating meals. In order to alleviate stress, refreshments were provided. Invent Your Future sponsored pizza, salad, cookies, and water for the orientation night, as well as, all snacks and lunches throughout the week.

Day 1: Dangers, Risks & ToGo's

Lead Instructor - Code For Fun, Justin Pfefferle, on the importance of coding.

Day 2: Phishing, Cryptolocker & Chipotle

Isaac Rhett, Lead Instructor - Code For Fun on the subjects covered during boot camp.

Day 3: Trinket, Python & Pizza

Sunita Tivare, Lead Instructor for Code For Fun elaborates on what the kids learned.

Day 4: Scams, Personas & Boston Market

Ariana Estrada, our youngest student, on her favorite things about boot camp.

DAY 5: Guest Speaker, Presentations and Boot Camp Graduation.

MAPin / Code For Fun - Cybersecurity Boot Camp - Summer 2017
Post ceremony, bootcamp graduates posed for group pictures for their proud parents.

Thank You

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Servane Demol and the entire Code For Fun team including Program Coordinator-East Bay & Lead Instructor Ujjwala Gadgil and Lead Instructors Justin Pfefferle, Isaac Rhett, Joseph Eftekhari, Sunita Tivare and Sreevidya Ganga. Special thanks to our industry professional guest speaker Todd Carper CEO at Bonafeyed, LLC. Another special thanks to MetroED, SVCTE and the Invent Your Future staff Staci Lyons, Ruth Stergiou and Joanne Zigler. And finally, we would like to extend our thanks to the SVCP & MAPin members Megan Crossfield, Diane Rock, Suzie Clark, Lynette Gray, Daniel Negrete, Claudia Barbosa, Alexis Maciel, Janae Stewart, Julia Vercelli-Oklander, Mariel Cepeda and Alexandra Duran.

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