The Southwest Region by amar and rocco

The states in the southwest are Arizona (Phoenix), Texas (Austin), Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) and New Mexico (Santa Fe)

The States Of The Southwest


In Arizona, the grand canyon is the biggest canyon in the U.S.A.

The Grand Canyon

Also, in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico the Great Plains are an important landform

The Great Plains make great farm land

Finally, in New Mexico the Carlsbad Caverns have stalactites and stalagmites.

The Carlsbad Caverns is a home to many minerals

Rivers and Lakes

The border between the U.S.A and Mexico is made by the Rio Grande River

Rio Grande River borders the U.S.A from Mexico

Also, the Colorado River runs through Arizona. It makes part of a border between Arizona and Nevada. The Colorado River also formed the Grand Canyon.

Colorado River


In the summer, it is very hot and dry. In the winter it can be cool and wet.

Summer and Winter

Less than 2 inches of rain occurs in the Southwest deserts.


Fishing is a huge business along the border of the Gulf Of Mexico

Fishing in Texas

A lot of cotton is grown in all parts of the Southwest

People come from around the world to taste New Mexico's chili peppers.


Historical Events

In 1836, The Alamo was fought between Texas and Mexico for independence.

The Alamo

Oil was found in Belmonte, Texas.

An oil pump

Famous Statues Or Buildings

In Roswell, New Mexico, there is a museum on UFO's.

UFO building

In Austin, Texas, the Capital building was the 7th largest building when it was built.

Capital Building

Natural resources and Products

One natural resource is oil. It was also found in Texas!

Oil pump

Natural gas is a huge natural resource especially in Arizona and New Mexico

Natural Gas

Cattle are a great natural resource in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona


Important Products

Electronics and aerospace are important products in the Southwest

Amazing Facts

The Southwest is called the melting pot because of all it's different cultures and races.

Also, there are more Native Americans in Oklahoma than in any other state.


Santa Fe is the oldest capital city!

Old Picture of Santa Fe New Mexico

Texas is the 2nd largest state next to Alaska.

State of Texas


National Geographic The Southwest by Elspeth Leacock

The Southwest by Mark Stewart

The Southwest Geography Of The US

Map Essentials National Geographic School Publishing


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