Yeast Bread Abby Bernabei

Functions of Basic Ingredients to Make Yeast Breads

Fat: tenderness
Eggs: structure, flavor, richness and color
Flour: structure
Liquid: moisture to form gluten and activates yeast
Salt: flavor, and regulates yeast
Sugar: flavor, food for yeast, and improves browning and texture
Yeast: produces carbon dioxide
1. Mix Dough: dissolve yeast into water
2. Knead Dough: Develops gluten (Fold-Push-Turn method)
3. Proofing: dough doubles in size, and fermentation takes place (when alcohol and carbon dioxide are formed)
4. Punch Down: releases carbon dioxide
5. Shape: shape dough according to recipe
6. Bench Proofing: let shaped dough rise until doubled in size (let rise in warm, draft free place)
7. Bake: times and temperature may vary, usually a moderately hot oven. Oven spring occurs (dough rises dramatically in the first few minutes).


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