Energy conversions-Amrita

There are 2 types of energy. One type of energy is potential energy and another is kinetic energy. Some kinds energy forms are chemical energy, mechanical energy, nuclear energy, light, heat and most of all electrical energy.

We saw potential energy convert into electricity which got converted into mechanical converted into sound. For example when we did the generator, we saw energy convert into electricity which we saw convert into mechanical energy which is converted into heat converted into sound converted into light.

Our machine would work when you turn the handle, the pulley was connected to the string which was connected to a rubber band which was supposed to hold the box of food. For our machine, we used mechanical energy, when we turn the handle, we saw mechanical energy converted to moving energy. An example of a pulley type -like system is a well. A well is an example, because you use mechanical energy to pull the crank and get water. Another example of a pulley type-like system is a bike. A bike is an example because you use mechanical energy to pull the crank.

We didn't know what to expect so we made a light box ourselves and we practiced with it. It was really heavy. The first round, Mrs. Gahl took away some screws. Unfortunately, it was still heavy. We put the ruler on the side and the box with a toy skunk in the rubber band and cranked. It made it halfway after then, it fell.

We learned that heavy boxes usually means more work. Also, mechanical energy coverts to movement which can move the box.

Next time, we will tie the string more stiffer than last time. We will also add extra support on both walls and add a fence around the pulley.

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