Native American Mascots D'Andre Hicks

I dont think schools and teams should be allowed to use native American mascots.

I do not think teams and schools should be able to use nstive mascots because it shows offense. According to the article it says "native Americans are upset by the redskins. It is a very old word. It is seen as unkind wordfor a Native American." Its offensive because natives were called bloodthirsty savages and caling them redskins is offensive because blood is red and native Americans skin is a little red. Also native Americans could feel really bad about themselves or angry because their mocking them.

Its portraying Native Americans as bad people. As seen in the text "you dont pick a mascot you don't respect" my claim supports my reason because they didn't respect natives by making movies were there only showed as bad people. Using there mascot is also insulting because its not the way they actually look.

The Native Americans are trying to ban native american mascots.

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