My Hobbies by Michał Majcher

Computers are the biggest part of my life. It's not only playing video games which I love but also creating programs such as calculation program. I want to work for an IT company in the future. Instead of meeting with people I prefer to playing with other players to achieve something in game and help each other.
Music form our lifes and shows our personality. I can't imagine to live without it. When I'am sad I listen to some peaceful or classic music, but when I'am happy I prefer hip-hop or metal. Some of songs give me motivation to do many things, takes away bad thoughts and usually makes me happy. I even tried to make my own music it takes alot of time to learn something.
Reading books is good in many ways. It demands from you to recreate whole world from the book in your own mind, can give you life lessons and teaches you many things. My favorite type is fantasy and science fiction, for example "The Witcher" and "Metro 2033". Books are very addicting, because I want to read more but I run out of space on my shelf.
Travelling is a the way to escape from daily life. I want to visit many places and fill my memory with as much things as I can see. In the future I want move out to Canada and see how it's like to live in a different country. I can't just sit in my room and know actually know nothing about world. I want to taste foreign food, hear someone speaking in a different language, visit popular monuments, anything to escape daily life.
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Michał Majcher


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