Jason G. López e-portfolio

Jason G. Lopez, a Graphic Design student at Manor New Tech High School

Name: Jason G. López

Age: 16

Experience: Graphic Design & Illustration Student

Location of Service: Manor New Tech High School

I created both of these images on Adobe Illustrator. The one on the left is a portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo made out of shapes that were made out of words that describe him. The one on the right is a customized and modernized version of my own family crest.
These two were also created in Adobe Illustrator. The one on the left is a 3D spin top that I made using the revolve tool. The one on the right is the logo for my favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys.

Artistic Statement

My art style is a very simplistic yet meaningful with mostly straight edges and not many curved edges. My art is simple-looking because I believe I am a very simple person and that is what I'm trying to convey to everyone viewing my artwork.

-Jason G. Lopez

This image was also created on Adobe Illustrator. It is the logo for the Champions League which is a soccer tournament including Europe's best.

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