3D Boat Project By Claudia Albares

Buoyancy is the ability or tendecy of something to float in water or another fluid.Stability is the ability for a (ship) to stay or resume in it's upright position. In my boat I decided to keep it wholo inside so that it has a lot of air and to put as little things as possible so it doesn't weigh a lot .Then at the bottom I decided to add another piece to keep it stable under rocky waters.I made a little compartment inside for the coins to go in.

My boat table shows that I have a really good Buoyant force of 0.57.Therefor my boat could float under rocky waters.Not only did my boat float but it could also hold up to 10 coins.I think that making it whole inside and adding a piece at the bottom of the boat really did make it stable .

Although my boat did do really well when it came to floating it did have s little trouble on staying in its upright position due to the weight of the coins. I had a little issue with the coins moving around as it would affect the boat.I had to place the coins where I wanted them to go so the weight would bedspread out evenly or otherwise it would tilt to a side allowing water to get in.

Last but not least If I would of printed it again something that I would of changed would of been that I would of made a more secure compartment for the coins where they could of stayed in place an not moved around as it allowed water to get in. Apart from that everything else I would of done the same as it had a really good buoyancy and the boat could hold a lot of coins and float at the same time.


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