PROACTIVE REBOOKING WHEN PILOTS STRIKE Our advisors step up during strike scenarios

In September 2019, pilots at British Airways (BA) went on strike for two days, affecting more than 1,700 flights across the world. While the strike was announced at 5 p.m. on a Friday (August 23) which was the start of an extended bank holiday weekend, Travel and Transport’s UK team stepped in to ensure our travelers received proactive assistance in making alternative arrangements as quickly as possible.

Upon notification of the strike, management immediately held a crisis meeting to kick-start the required action plan. We already have a priority team, comprising of day travel consultants who are on stand-by to provide additional assistance in times of emergency situations. Members of this team were deployed for the weekend solely to comprehensively manage the strike situation. The priority team’s email inbox allowed for communication efforts to be concentrated in one place, and also to enable other teams to continue operating as normal.

At 7 a.m. on Saturday morning the team, comprising of Arti Maugi, Niki Taylor and Dominica Harrington-Smith, proceeded to contact all affected travelers and bookers with the offer to help. The team continued to make themselves available over the entire weekend responding to any follow-up requests the travelers had to get them rebooked.

BA’s support was limited and guidelines from the airline were not always clear, so having the priority team in place offered much needed reassurance for any concerned travelers. “The biggest advantage we had was acting fast. We were able to offer our customers a range of alternative flights and alleviate the need for them to make contact with us or the airline,” explained Arti.

The support continued following a miscommunication from the airline regarding flight cancellations, and the travelers already knew who to contact for clarification and continued reassurance. “Customers were confident we could handle it all on their behalf,” said Arti.

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