My Focused Future by Albi Bilgen

To start off, I'm still employed at Freddy's. Just like I was at the start of the year.

Still loving the job

Oh and there are probably some questions on why this shoe is the cover picture

Nothing too special at all. I just happen to own a pair. Lets just continue...

So this year I managed to pic up a hobby in drawing. I'm not good at all, but it's enjoyable to me.
This is something I would like to draw, but that's honestly not going to happen anytime soon.
This isn't much of a surprising thing to learn. I love dogs. German Shepherds just happen to be my favorite breed.
I enjoy watching the NBA. It gets me and my friends hyped. Playoff moments are always our favorites.
I actually don't have a favorite NBA team. Lately however, I've gained interest in Minnesota's.

I'll enjoy seeing them win a title in the future.

The two schools above are the possible colleges I'll be attending. I don't know which ones yet.

I still would like to visit Japan. I don't know when it'll happen, but hopefully it does.

So this right here is the English soccer league. Now to the reason this is shown...
I want my favorite team to win the league. Last time they did it was a decade ago.

Moving on... I don't really know much about what I want to be. For a last resort option I'll just join the military. The marines to be exact.

There's not much for me to say. This is my focus towards the future.

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