Anti-Bias Project Homeless vs The MOther

"Hey, how are doing?"
The ally ordering food for the homeless man. He is not aware of what is going on at the table.
The little girl walks up to the homeless man. "Hi, I'm Jensen, how are you." "Hi, I'm Dave, I'm great." Says the homeless man.
After they finish the conversation, she asked for a high five
The bystander just happens to be watching the little girl and the homeless man
Before they can successfully high five, the mother/the perpetrator intervenes. "We don't talk to trash," says the mother
The homeless man discouraged by the comment.
"What do you think you are doing talking to my little girl," says the mother.
The ally hears what is going on. He stops and does an emotional check in. The ally thinks to himself, how am I feeling? The ally feels like this wrong and he needs to take action.
"This man is definitely not trash. He is a Vietnam veteran and deserves much more respect than you are giving him."
The bystander hears what is going on. He thinks about the stereotypes that people put on homeless people. He believes this is wrong and goes to support the ally, becoming an ally himself..
The bystander come to support the ally. The bystander has become an ally. "You really should not have called him trash. He does deserve respect like this man said. You owe him an apology," says the new ally.
"I'm sorry about my quick judgement. Thank for serving our country," says the perpetrator.
The little girl walks up to the man, smiles and gives him a successful high five.
Luke the ally
Archie the Target
Austin the bystander
Jensen the little girl
Sidney the perpetrator/Mother

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