Resources in our Everyday Lives Maddie ulrich

In our lives we use a lot of resources. Some are renewable but some aren't. Resources aren't spread evenly across the world. An example of some renewable resources that we use all the time is wood. Wood is renewable because it will grow back after we use it. Wood is in everything, from diapers to paper. We use it to build things with and it grows our food. Not to mention that it gives off oxygen.

We also use a lot of nonrenewable resources. Namely oil, natural gas, and fossil fuels. All of these nonrenewable resources you cannot replace. Once we run out of oil it is gone and it will take about one million years to replace just a little bit. In my life I use a lot of oil. Whenever you drive a car you are using oil and letting off carbon. We use oil, natural gas, and fossil fuels for energy too.

Whenever you drive you use a lot of oil.

We need to recycle. Almost everything can be recycled. Even if it is renewable of nonrenewable. If we don't recycle then our planet will become a landfill. We need to take care of our planet if we want one.

We don't want our planet to look like this.

We also don't want to abuse our planet. We need to use things sparingly. If we just take take take, then the planet won't have enough time to replace the things that we need and use.

Here are some energy sources:

Wind Energy
Nuclear Energy
Geothermal Energy
Solar Energy
Hydroelectric Energy
Fossil Fuels

These are all very important and essential for life. There is a variety of these all around the world.


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