patience is a virtue We know you've reminded us you'd kinda like a new phone!

Guess what?
We placed that order with plenty of time.
It arrived in Minneapolis arriving the 22

Delivery promised Dec 24

I called and looked everywhere to get answers
These jerks failed to deliver as promised and our order was before dec 22!
I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything
Do you forgive me?
How about a soccer ball game?
Or can you be patient a few more days for ... your...

New phone to arrive on Tuesday?

It has great features!
It's an upgrade!

Maybe watching some videos will help?

Here's what's coming in PLUS size!

7 Plus

Yup! A freakin 7 Plus

Be happy! Eat some donuts and write a bunch of hate mail to FedEx.

Merry Christmas!

Love Dad & Mom

Created By
Greg Elstad


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