4A2 Zoe Bachler

My name is Kamila and I came from Poland.I came to America when I was 14.I came here with my sister zofia and my parents and my uncle.My uncle came because he was very sick.We left because no doctor in Poland could help us.When we left we could only bring clothes.I begged to bring my kitten,johnny. Finally my mother said yes.Then after we packed we rode our horses to the nearest dock.That was 9 miles away.But we reached the dock in a day and a half.When we reached the dock there was millions of people there.But we got onto the boat.We were in third class.Those were the worst days of my life.There were no showers or bathrooms.There was no beds to sleep in.Lots of people became sea sick.You couldn't move more than a centimeter.The food was terrible.Once a first class girl got lost and wandered into third class.She stood by me and then her mother came in and blamed me for her getting lost.I was about to yell at her but then people started shouting.I ran up the stairs to get deck.Then I shouted out with joy.It was the Statue of Liberty! My mother and father came up to meet me.We were all so happy.My mother started crying she was so happy!Then my uncle came up.He said that was the happiest day of his life. Finally we arrived at Ellis Island! We came to the baggage room. The officers took our bags.Then we went to the registry room.At the medical exam they poked and prodded us.They used a hook called a button hook.They used it to lift our eyelids to check for a contagious eye disease.I said thank you and the inspector marked me with an X because he thought that I was speaking gibberish.They got a translator and found out I was saying thank you.I was glad I didn't need to stay at detainees.Then we went to the legal inspection.I don't remember what they asked me but I know I was worried that I would mess up and I wouldn't be able to leave and I would be sent back to Poland.But I passed.Finally we made it to the stairs of separation.I was glad that we were not going to the middle isle.The middle isle was for the people who were being sent back home.We made it to the kissing post .I didn't know that this was the last stop.But my mother knew.I saw her smiling and laughing.I asked why she was so excited.She said that we were going home.I thought she was kidding.She was not.We finally left Ellis island!Now I work at a restaurant that I own.I live in Phoenix,Arizona.

A map of Poland

.The Statue of Liberty was the color of a penny.Water and wind turned it green.The torch stands for freedom.The Statue was modeled after the roman goddess Libertas.

My favorite part was when we watched a brain pop video.I also liked learning about the statue of liberty.One of my favorite parts was doing the interactive tour.I liked watching the videos.


Ellis Island Interactive tour

Brain pop jr statue of liberty

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