Plate Boundary Project By Manuel HErnandez

Convergent Plate Boundary

Convergent Plate Boundary --> <--

An oceanic and a continental plate collide, they form a Convergent Plate Boundary. The denser plate will subduct. A volcanic Mountain such as Mount Rainier in the Cascade Mountains forms a along the edge of the continents. This process can also occur where two oceanic plates collide and the denser plate is subducted

The Convergent Plate Boundary can form Earthquakes and Mountains. It can also stress compression.

Divergent Plate Boundary

Divergent Plate Boundary <-- -->

When two plates separate and create new oceanic crust. A divergent plate boundary forms. This process occurs where the sea floor spreads along a the Mid Ocean Ridge. This process can also occur in the middle of the continents and is referred to as a continental rifting.

Transform Boundary

Transform Boundary

Two plates slide horizontally past one another along a transform plate boundary. Earthquakes are common along this type of plate boundary. The San Andreas fault shown to the right is part of the transform plate boundary extends along the coast of California.

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