Communicating With The Public Case Study #9 CREATED BY; NICOLE SMITH

'A customer rushes into your store for a gasket. He returns to the store a few hours later explaining that he got the wrong part. He would like to exchange it for the correct part. When you look in the stock room. You realize that particular part is out of stock. How would you, the employee, fix the situation?

How to correct the situation for the customer

  • First i would say i am so sorry to the customer for what had happened in getting the wrong part.
  • Once i got back to the stock room an noticed it wasn't in, i calmly went back out too the customer an explained to the customer that we do not have the right gasket part in stock right now.
  • I than told the customer i could return the gasket that you bought today as long as you have the receipt an u will receive cash back.
  • Than i also told him that since the gasket he needs isn't available at our store to let me call around to are other locations to make sure they dont have it, so thats exactly what i did an the other stores didn't have the other part.
  • So i told the customer we can order on our website an it can either be shipped here to the store or we can have it shipped straight to your house.
  • We did just that we returned his first part that he bought an returned the cash to the customer, than we ordered him the right size gasket he needed for the car an he is having it shipped directly to his house. The customer left very happy an satisfied today.
Customer is always right, always remember to help satisfied an meet all their needs an you will never have an unhappy customer.


Created with images by JeepersMedia - "Advance Auto Parts" • SenseiAlan - "1972 Mr Gasket Pro-Shifter Advertisement Car Craft Magazine June 1972"

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