Africa 1880-1914

The conquest of Africa was the invasion and colonization of African territory by European powers. The Portuguese were the ones who first established colonies and trade posts along the coast of Africa, but by the end of the 19th century, the Europeans had finished mapping out the vast lands of Africa and realized it had many useful resources and decided to colonize there.

Korea 1872-1953

In 1872, Japan debates invading Korea solely because Korea refused to acknowledge an emperor in Japan. A few years later, Japan forces Korea to sign a treaty known as the Kangwha treaty which opened up Korea to foreign trade and MFN clause. Western countries sign a treaty of friendship with Korea in 1881. After the end of the sino-Japanese war, Japan gave up influence in Korea. 1906, Korea is forced to sign a treaty of protectorate with Japan. Korean delegation refuses to hear of the treaty because according to international law, Korea did not have a standing. 1910, a treaty of annexation caused Korea to become a part of the Japanese empire. During world war 2, Korean slaves were heavily used in Japan, many of them being used for sexual pleasure. 1945 was the defeat of Japan. Korea separated from the Japanese empire and signed a treaty of mutual defense with the US.

Italy 1882-1960

Italy, as well as other European countries, also took part in the scramble for Africa around 1914. Italy was a powerful country that owned different pieces of countries such as Turkey, China, and Africa.

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