Where should we land this ship? MS-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-2, SP6, SP7, SP8 https://betterlesson.com/lesson/639004/where-should-we-land-this-ship

What resources and natural hazards do you think currently exist in different regions of the United States?

Alright, crew, after further analysis of the data and reports that have been transmitted to us from home, it appears as though our current society is crumbling, if not completely collapsing. Our mission from the start was to find a place to set up a new society- that is still our mission but now we must do that on Earth. Now, someone tell me what determines a good place to build a new society? You have 5 minutes to talk to your table teams to create a list of the factors that we must consider when deciding where to land this ship
Now, We don't know exactly what we are going home to, but we do know what existed before we left. I am going to break you into teams of 2 and you are going to gather information on the 5 regions of the US: Northeast (dark green), southeast (red), midwest (light green), southwest (blue), and northwest (purple).


Good information is going to be critical for the success of our long-term survival. As you conduct your research I want you to consider the following:

1. The conditions as they existed in 2015

2. How these conditions may have changed post-global warming

Put your findings into an easy to understand presentation. End your presentation with your recommendation on if this area is a strong option for beginning our new society. Be sure to justify your recommendation with specific evidence from your research and interpretation of that research.

Suggested Research Questions:

1. What is the 2015 state of fossil fuels in the region that can be used for energy production/fuel sources? Include the type and amount (high, medium, low, none).

2. What is the potential for developing renewable energy resources in that region? Include the type of renewable and the state of development of that resource as it exists in 2015.

3. Where does the freshwater/drinking water in that region come from and how abundant is that source?

4. What is the outlook for sustaining crop/food production?

5. What other resources are available that will prove helpful to building and developing a new society?

6. What are they typical weather patterns in that region (describe the typical climate)?

7. Describe the type, frequency, and intensity of extreme weather and natural hazards common to that region.

8. Consider the information learned in 1-7; how might this information be different in a post-global warming United States? (think about what you learned in the first lesson)

9. Is this region a good location to create our new society? Clearly STATE and SUPPORT your recommendation.

Consider... fossil fuels...

Sources of renewable energy...

Crops and food distribution...

Building supplies...

Weather patterns...

Extreme weather...




Create a presentation to share your findings using: Powtoon, adobe spark, biteable...


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