The book I chose to read are from the Games 2016-2017

My Games are the same because this Games I play every time.

Game On 2016 : Mario Kart Top 5 courses ever

1. Mount Wario (Wii U)

2. Baby Park (GAMECUBE)

3. Hyrule Circuit (Wii U)

4. Bowser's Castle

5. Wario Stadium

Time Line

1992- Super Mario Kart

1996-Mario Kart 64

2001- Mario Kart: Super Circuit

2003- Mario Kart: Double Dash

Both of my games are of the Nintendo. They are different characters and they have characters that are heroes. The legend of Zelda game sold over 6 millions copies and Mario Kart Wii sold 35.53 million copies.

I like this two games because I play this games every time

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