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Which good have I chosen?

I have chosen to purchase the Bosch SMS40E08AU dishwasher. It has a stainless steel finish that repels finger marks. It is also a freestanding dishwasher, meaning that it doesn't have to be permanently built in to the kitchen. Its dimensions are 845mm x 600mm x 600mm.

The Bosch SMS40E08AU has several different features that make it a very desirable product. Its wash settings can reduce the wash and drying time to up to half of its original time. It has an in-built AquaStopPrice device that cuts off the water supply directly at the tap outlet if a leakage occurs. This will help to prevent flooding. The Bosch SMS40E08AU contains 2 cup shelves in the upper basket as well as a cutlery basket in bottom basket. It has a child lock door which will help to avoid accidental opening of the dishwasher. As well as that, it has 4 wash programs, 5 spray levels and an advanced filter system. The entire system runs on the Bosch EcoSilence Drive, which is designed to wash your dishes quietly and thoroughly. The below images and video further explain the layout and features of this dishwasher.

Which factors influenced my decision?

I was aiming to spend less than $1500 on my purchase. The Bosch SMS40E08AU cost $999 according the CHOICE website, but had the same overall rating as many competing products that were significantly more expensive (up to $2000 more).

I looked at a number of different product reviews across a multitude of different online stores, including CHOICE, The Good Guys, JB HiFi, Bing Lee and David Jones. All of the ratings were 4-5 stars out of five, or 9 out of 10. The comments were consistently positive across the stores, which further convinced me that it was a good product to purchase.

Environmental considerations had a large effect on my decision. Out of the six different dishwashers that I was considering, the Bosch SMS40E08AU had the highest energy efficiency. It was also the second cheapest to run, which indicates both water and energy efficiency.

My family's personal preferences also influenced my decision. Because the rest of our kitchen appliances are stainless steel, we wanted our dishwasher to be stainless steel as well. We also needed the dishwasher to fit in a specific spot, so it was unable to have a height exceeding 860mm.

Branding and marketing had little influence on me as I am not very aware of different dishwasher brands, and had not heard of any of them.

Where will I purchase my good?

I will purchase the Bosch SMS40E08AU at Bing Lee in Chatswood.

I had a list of potential stores I could buy it from - Bing Lee, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys and David Jones. There were a number of factors that influenced which store I chose to purchase it from.

Firstly, I looked at if the product was available in store, as my family and I wanted to be able to purchase it from an actual store, not online. Bing Lee allowed for the Bosch SMS40E08AU to be ordered into the store, and The Good Guys already had it in stock. I ruled out JB Hi-Fi and David Jones as they had neither of these options.

Although it had to be ordered into the store, I decided to purchase the dishwasher from Bing Lee rather than The Good Guys. I made my decision based upon the price, as the Bosch SMS40E08AU was $100 cheaper at Bing Lee.

I then researched the different store locations of Bing Lee. I found one in Chatswood which is very close to where I live.

Payment alternatives for the Bosch SMS40E08AU


Cash is a good method of payment because there are no added costs such as interest rates, and I could pay upfront without having to worry about it later. I could potentially use it to bargain if I wanted a cheaper price. However, it means that I must have the full amount of money at the time I wanted to make the purchase.

Credit Card

Credit cards are good option as well because they mean that I would have an extended amount of time to gain the money I needed. I would also be able to gain rewards. However, if I didn't pay it off in time, my credit cards could gain a large amount of interest that I would have to pay off additionally.

Final Decision

I am going to pay for the dishwasher in cash, as there are no added costs and there is no chance of having to pay interest. It would be harder to part with cash than it would be to swipe my credit card, which would make me contemplate if the product was really worth it or not. Paying with cash would not be unachievable, as the Bosch SMS40E08AU costs less than $1000, but it would still make me aware of if it was worth it.

What would I do if there was a problem with my good?

The flowchart below outlines the steps that I would take if there was a problem with my good.



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