Health Care Presentation Ryan,Dennis,Michael


Good morning HealthOne, You have contracted us to design a database for your hospital, I am Michael, and this is Ryan and Dennis. This presentation will illustrate and analyse our projected system for maintaining client details.

The Entity relationship diagram(ERD) will allow us to clearly breakdown and outline the business rules your company had previously agreed on upon hiring us, as well as give a plan for future expansion.


The goal of the database we have created is to organise and reform the details that your company has to record on their clients/patients. Once the finished database is installed and running it will allow your company to easily handle all vital and historic data on their claims such as a patient's prescription, new and old, doctor's information and basic client information such as their name, address and contact information.

Entity Relationship Diagram
Visit here is the Supertype, while Follow up and Newly Issued are the sub-types
This means that the Patient entity has a recursive relationship with itself
This means the relationship is non-transferrable
As you can see, we have separated prescription into 2 catagories (Refillable and non) as well as drugs and their side effects. Arc Relationship

Our team believes that this project has covered all of the requirements listed your company, the ERD and tables we created have covered all business, and procedural rules, required by the clients. All data that has been collected is readily available to update and edit. The project is open ended in the sense that there is potential to develop further and improve as time goes on, we wish to be able to continue our partnership with your company.


We would like to advise developing a more in depth solution which the current framework would support, as well as implementing an update that has multi language compatibilities, as well as an accounts database to keep track of patient bills, costs and pricing for all products used by your company. this database would also allow the company to easily see and compare costs.

Business rules

While the project it's self already abides by the data protection act, we would recommend that your company releases a internal staff policy to guarantee that the data is being handled appropriately the key points to keep in mind are the 'Data Protection Princibles'

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask, we would also like to know if there is any aspect of the project that does not meet your requirements, thank you for your time.

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