2018 Festival de Eanes Finalists

Animation Finalists: (in Alphabetical Order)

A Lost Friend (Wildcard from BCE)

Bait (BPE)

Chessking (BCE)

Dingaine and the Kite (EE)

Homebound (VVE)

Late Bloomer (Secondary finalist from WHS)

S.S. Magnifica (Wildcard from HCMS)

The Friendly Dragon (FTE)

Narrative Finalists: (in Alphabetical Order)

A Handful of Friends (EE)

A Thief's End (VVE)

Curfew (Wildcard from WRMS)

Fish Out of Water (FTE)

Fish School (Secondary finalist from WHS)

Held Captive (BPE)

The Mysterious Trail of Disappearance (BCE)

The Rumor (Wildcard from VVE)

What are the film requirements?

The Festival de Eanes would like to challenge students in K-12 to produce either a narrative or animation/stop-motion film. The theme for this year is SEL (Social Emotional Learning: empathy, compassion, kindness, etc.). Along with the theme, we will be requiring three items to be in your short film.

  • The film must include the following prop: Fish
  • The film must also include the following camera angles/shots: POV (point of view) and Extreme Closeup
  • The line of dialogue that must be included in the film is: “Jeepers, how did you do that”

Students are encouraged to think of creative ways to incorporate the prop, shots, and dialogue into their films.

What are the rules?

If you are a K-12 student interested in entering a film into our film festival, see the full contest rules below.

How are the films judged?

Round 1: Campus Film Festival

The first round of competition will be primarily campus based. Each elementary campus will select the top 2 films (one narrative and one animation/stop-motion) to move on to the district contest (12 films total). The top narrative and stop-motion film from all the secondary campuses combined will also move on (2 films total). In addition, the top remaining films in each category will be invited to the district finals as a "wildcard"(2 films total).

Round 2: District Film Festival

The district contest will showcase all of the winning campus films. There could potentially be 16 films displayed during the district film festival, but only 2 will be receiving the award for best narrative or animation.

Judges will critique and score the films based on the following rubric:

What are the prizes?

All sixteen finalists will receive a special screening of their film at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.

  • 1st Place in Animation (1)- TBD
  • 1st Place in Narrative (1)- TBD

Important Dates

  • December 7, 2017: Festival de Eanes Contest begins
  • March 23, 2018: Deadline for Film Festival entries
  • April 20, 2018: Sixteen district qualifiers are announced
  • May 23: Screening of 16 qualifiers @ Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar

Ready to submit?

Previous Winners

Last year we saw amazing films and very creative ways student implemented the theme “Learning on the go”, the line "gotta catch em all", and a historical monument. To check out all the qualifying films, visit the link below.

Grand Prize Winner:


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