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‘Luke Prater is an artist with strong vocals, a range of styles, and a true heart for what he does. Luke told us his passion started early on in life. “My main passion in music started with having a guitar in my hands from the time I could walk and that early interest and stable picking has allowed me to play full time for the last few years while the majority of the time, just my acoustic and myself.” Luke is a multitalented artist who takes part in ever part of his music. He takes on lead, acoustic, and harmonies in this project which was exactly how he wanted it. At just 21 years old, Luke Prater just released his newest ep “Runnin”. He starts off with the titled song that hits with a heavy country rock vibe which makes for a kickass song. The instrumental side of this track still keeps a red dirt vibe while having a little more rock push to it which starts this ep off great. The next song is an immediate favorite of mine in “Better Time”. The classic sound of this track mixed with the great lyrics really brings this one home for me. Lastly, Luke finishes this ep off with a blues kind of vibe. Another great jam that really shows that this guy can fire from all cylinder. What a talent Luke is and we are looking forward to hearing more.’

- Red Rooster Reviews (2020)

Touring Nationwide Throughout 2021 with Curtis Grimes

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Luke Prater


Email: lukepratermusic@gmail.com

*Available for Full Band and Acoustic Shows*

Luke Lane Prater (BMI) / Smith Music Group