Schools In Germany Julia Gobert - JMS - ELA Zink

Who gets to go to school in Germany? Well, everybody gets too! Germany allows every single person who wants an education to go. You can be black, white, American, whatever you are.
Is the education free in Germany?Even though we all wish school was free, you still have to pay for it in Germany. It can cost up to $540.
What is a German school day like? Germans usually start school at 7:30 to about 8:15 and can end as early as noon.In the higher grades, classes can continue up until 6:00, depending on the school. Each period is 45 minutes long, with five-minute breaks in between.
Facts -1. There’s no dress code or uniforms, but most schools do not allow shorts, sandals or unkempt or sloppy clothing. 2.German students attend school for 187-190 days in an academic year, depending on the state. 3.German students only get a six-week summer vacation, but they have more frequent vacation breaks during the school year.


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