Homework Survey Created by Camilla Ellis

How does your schedule affect the way you do your homework?

My Project

For my project I did a survey on how people's schedules affect their homework and studying skills. This topic interested me because I think it is interesting how people's lives at school and home can affect their education and homework. I had 9 people, that were randomly selected, take a survey about homework.

My Findings

In this quiz I asked questions like,"What are your required courses?" and,"On average, how much homework do you have per day?" I did this because I thought that people with more than one honors class would have more homework to do, so I asked the question about how much homework do they have after the question about what their classes were. I was surprised to find that people who did have honors classes had either only 30 minutes of homework, to an hour. Another shocking report I found was that people who had all regular classes or just one honors class had more homework to do.

Most people had honors classes.
In Conclusion

In conclusion, I found that people with honors classes had less homework. Also if they had extracurricular activities then they had less homework to do and they don't get stressed at all by doing homework. If I did this project and I could have changed something, what I would change would be to try and ask a better, random sample, because for this project in my group I had a lot of people who had mostly honors class, biasing the results a bit, I would also try and get people who had more extracurricular activities and people from different grades. My questions were good, but I just think I would need a different sample of people. (Maybe 15 people instead of 9.)

Thanks for listening!


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