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One tip for keeping a clean room is to have a basket to put your dirty clothes.

So you’re not throwing your clothes on the ground. If you don't have a basket and you just throw all your clothes on the ground not only will your room be dirty but it will smell very bad.

Another tip would be getting in the habit of making your bed every day after you wake up.

A messy bed can make a clean room look messy. This easy tip will make your room look nicer and make you want to have a cleaner room. “Forty percent of the time we're not thinking about what we're doing...Habits allow us to focus on other things,” ( These other things could be watching tv, video games, hanging out with friends, etc.

Another tip to keep a clean room is to just clean for 5 minutes a day.

Just 5 minutes to pick up all the trash or things on the floor can really keep your room organized and clean. “Average Americans spends one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items so to have an organized or clean bedroom saves time,” (Simply Orderly). When you're more organized you don't spend time looking for things which makes you late to important things.

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