Worsbrough Common Primary Newsletter 19. 06.20

Welcome back to our weekly news letters. How are these weeks going so quickly? I seem to blink and it’s Friday!

There is such a lovely feel round school right now. Bubbles are working really hard and it’s great to see their amazing learning through the windows and all over Twitter. Children are continuing to make the most of the outdoor environment and indoors, we have everything from the BFG to minibeasts to dinosaurs who poo and then graffiti! A very eclectic mix of contexts but what goes along side it all is children absorbed in their learning. We hope that more of our pupils join us in the last few weeks of term. Please remember that if you have been offered a place it is still there for you to take up!

This week I have enjoyed a virtual school! As a head teacher I started on my journey wanting to work with children and give them the best education I could. That is very difficult when not all children are in school and those who are in school you can only see through a window or 2 meters through an open door! As a school team we have tried to find as many ways as we can to continue to engage with children and this hasn’t stopped now some of us are back. This week I have been part of virtual meetings between year 6 and their secondary school, listened to children read over video call, held a school assembly over video call and celebrated our amazing pupils through our live streamed Smartie pants assembly.

Nothing will replace the feeling of leading a school that is full of everyone but for now virtual is our new way of still being together and it’s going pretty well! For those of you at home we are working out the logistics of another live bake session with Mrs Harris so keep your eyes open! As always I am on the end of the phone if you have any suggestions of things we could do to make this time even better!

A phone call or email will replace our ideas and gratitude jars! Ideas are great but don't forget we also love your gratitude.

The winner of the WCPS bake off has been delivered an amazing prize gifted by our catering team! This is what Isla made with her winnings, a birthday cake for her sister’s 2nd birthday!

Kindness and Safety Online

Over the lockdown period we have had some reports of unkind behaviours and actions over the Internet. This makes us incredibly sad as we spend a long time educating the children about the importance of respectful behaviour both on and off line. At this point we thought it would be worth a reminder about this. This includes use of appropriate language while online, particularly when online with other people. Bad language is not acceptable in the playground and this is the same online. Just because you are at home these rules do not change. Unkind and inappropriate language can hurt people.

Through conversations with families and with the return to school for some children we have also noticed that routines may have been relaxed and screen time increased. Please see the poster above for tips on recognising when you have had too much time online. Screen time effects behaviour and sleep patterns. For further help with getting back into a routine please contact nurture@wcpsedu.org and a member of the nurture team will get in contact.

Further support for online safety

Joseph's art video!

Part one

Part 2

During our Smartie Pants assembly we talked about being the best that we can be and the fact we are all confident that we are the best school in Barnsley!

My question to you is

We want to know why you think we are the best? What do we do that makes WCPS the amazing place it is? We want to hear from you and would love to see your posters and videos of what makes WCPS the best place to you! Entries can be uploaded onto your seesaw accounts or emailed into school using admin@wcpsedu.org.

We want to share your ideas on our website!

This week's round up

All four nursery bubbles have been for a walk to the postbox to send pictures and letters to Mrs Evans because we really miss her.

We’ve looked at The Bad Tempered Lady Bird book and explored what made him Bad Tempered and how the ending of the text shows kindness!

We showed kindness to Jeanette our Bubble dinner lady by surprising her on her birthday!!

A virtual story session with Gilly!

Even though it’s different and everything is not like it normally is, we need to work together in our ‘bubbles’. Kindness and thinking about others will make it easier to get along.

Mrs Wright has recorded our second choir session! Please let us know if you join in!

Next week is a sports week and pupils will be taking part in a daily competition with other schools across Barnsley! Sports clothes are welcome all week (following the daily clean clothes school policy).


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