S Truett Cathy Taylor Chevalier

Personal Life

born— March 14, 1921; Eatonton, Georgia

died— September 8, 2014; Clayton County, Georgia

Named after George W Truett—famous preacher

Grew up in a poor family—2 brothers four sisters; moved to Atlanta at an early age

Came from a Christian family—went to church as a family every Sunday

Spent a lot of time alongside his mom in the kitchen—his inspiration for the chicken sandwich

Mentality of a businessman from a young age—Coca-Cola; magazines and newspapers

Theo Abby

Married—Jeanette McNeil; 1948

3 children—Dan, Don, and Trudy

What Cathy's known for:

How It Began

Shortly after WWII Cathy and his brother, Ben, decided to go into the restaurant business

Little House

Opened the Dwarf House [later Dwarf Grill] in 1946

Goode Brothers Poultry—experimented with the chicken sandwich

Chicken Fillet—Chick-fil-A

Started selling his "Chick-fil-A" to restaurants

Opened the first Chick-fil-A in 1967 in Greenbriar Shopping Centre

Chick-fil-A's success

Chick-fil-A focuses on customer service and quality

Customer service—invests more time in employees

Voted America's favorite fast food restaurant

In 2014 there were 1800 CFAs in the US

Record of 47 consecutive years of annual sales increase—sold nearly 3x as much as KFC in 2014

After the release of their first billboard, sales doubled—annual sales of 1 billion +

Changes—coleslaw, table service, new sauces,

How Chick-fil-A has benefited its consumers

Great food

The Peach Bowl—1996

The Chick-fil-A Winshape Centre Foundation—1984; help youth succeed through scholarships; scholarships up to $32,000

How Chick-fil-A has inspired other businesses

Increased the popularity of fast food chicken

The chicken sandwich

Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good.


Chick-fil-As are closed on Sunday

1995—the first Chick-fil-A "Eat Mor Chikin" billboard

Costs $10,000 to open a new Chick-fil-A

The 8th largest fast food chain

1973—Team Member Scholarship Program

1996—Leadership Scholarship Program


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