Stars of the Galaxy Bella Hicks

star formation: the formation of stars always changes when they age during a birth of a star, gravity pulls the gas and other elements in a cloud together that is called a nebula. stars provides a lot of energy for a star to last up to a billions of years.
types of stars: one of these types of stars are called the white dwarf. their stellar core is left behind after a star has exhausted their fuel. the white dwarfs shrinks to a size of a ping pong ball.
life cycles of stars: to know about the life cycles of stars is to know about them more and how they live. stars are like a glowing ball of hot gases. they are all made up of hydrogen , helium,and hot gases-like substance called plasma.
death of a star: after billions of years stars destroy themselves. when they do, after billions of years they run out of their hydrogen and fuel then they turn into white dwarfs. then slowly they cool off and becomes a black dwarf, when they do the star is dead.
what we think about the stars: it is important to know about the stars in our universe, like the sun because we depend on it to live. every kind of star we see in the sky goes through a life cycle. its amazing to know how they live in our galaxy.


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