Florida Museum of Natural History Muzi Wang

Nature on Display

The Fossils exhibit really gave me a lot of perspective on life. The shark jaws are enormous compared to us. We always are taught that humans are the dominant creatures on this Earth, but the creatures that swim in the ocean are a lot more fearsome up close. It makes it even more tragic that these majestic and awesome creatures are being hunted everyday. Something with as much power as a shark being killed by boats and machinery is a tragedy. The large shark jaws really caught my attention

Nature and Ethics

Butterflies are such gentle creatures, they live for a year, and then they're gone. Whereas humans live for close to 80 years. In their time on earth, they pollinate flowers and allow for plants to continue existing. In our 80 years, most of us don't get close to having that much of an impact on the Earth. Walking through the butterfly rain forest really gives an imprint that butterflies are simple creatures, they don't have complex desires other than to eat and survive. We have 80 years to make an impact on nature, and that could either be positive or negative. We can choose to pollute this Earth for a more "comfortable" life that will end some day, or we can make a lasting impact that can change it forever.

Nature and Human Spirit

Stepping into the museum is like stepping into another world. Life and all its problems are put on pause so we can enjoy nature and its history. People from all walks of life are there to appreciate the same things. There are children accompanied by their parents, an elderly person in a wheel chair with his caretaker, and what looked like other good life students. Having a place like this where people can escape and just live in the moment helps people relax and just enjoy life. There are things that I've never seen before, and it puts the thousands upon thousands of years of the history of Florida into a 30 minute walk. It puts into perspective that we're just a small speck in Florida's history, but in our time, we can make large impacts that have never been possible in the past.


I took all the photos

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