Magneto-reception in Animals By: BIJAn

What is Magneto-reception?

Magneto-reception is like another sense. It helps animal navigate home, by allowing them to sense Earths magnetic field. This sense helps animal sense their location even their altitude. This sense can be found in a large variety of animals such as th blind mole and the migrating pidgion. This sense is now referred to the Avian magnetic compass.

Why is it that only animals have this sense?

As you probably do not know the human eye like most animals that have the magnetoreceptions cell called a photoreceptor has something similar such as th cryptochrome. This cell could serve the same function but we are still unsure.

Affects of earths magnetic field?

It turns out that our magnetic field drives cattle and many other herd animals to the north-south axis.

How do these animals work?

Birds are one of the coolest in this subject, they have two different magneto-receptors. Scientists believe that these birds use one for a magnet intensity meter and the other is the compass.
Later research has shown that the Zambian mole rat unlike other animals use earths magnetic field as a polarity compass not an Avian magnetic compass which is quite rare.


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