Goals-SMART Specific,Measurable,Attainable,Realistic,Timely

S-I want to become more active before graduation to look better and become more healthy

M-going to do it one a week or maby 2 times a week

A-yes because its not impossible its attainable

R-yes other people have this goal not everybody does i but its realistic

T-organize my self and time to do it after school after all my homework or other stuff that i do and make room for exercise

S-I plan to go to western tech and study for physical therapist assistant

M-I can finish college in about 2 years after completing 5 semesters of an accredited associate degree program

A-yes its attainable i can graduate college in 2 years

R-I can accomplish this by applying to scholarships to have the resources

T-yes,after high school Im going to but all my time to college to accomplish this goal

S-To graduate High School with all A's in all my classes

M-its obtainable and to complete it i have until June 9 of this year 2017 to accomplish it

A-This attainable because first i have all my credits to graduate and because its not impossible

R-I just need to but more attention in class and make all the work they give me

T-but more time to it ,study before every test and do all my work in time.but school in first place


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