These dogs have been around for 60 million years when they first appeared in the Paleocene period. They are located in North America, parts of northern and western Asia and Europe.

Back then in the Viking times they wore wolf skin and drank wolf blood to take the wolfs spirit in battle.

Surprisingly, wolves do not make good guard dogs because they are naturally afraid of the unfamiliar and hide from them instead of bark.

In the 1600's Ireland was called Wolf-Land because it was filled with wolves. Wolf hunting was a popular sport back then but they killed lots of wolves

A hungry wolf can eat up to 20 pounds of meat in one meal which for a human is eating 100 hamburgers!

A wolf pups eyes are blue when they are first born but turn yellow by the time they are 8 months old.

Wolves run on their toes which helps them run quickly and stop easily. It also prevents their paw pads from wearing out.

Wolves have 200 million scent cells. Humans have 5 million. Wolves can smell other animals from 1.6 kilometres away!

In Harry Potter, werewolf Professor Lupins name is related to the Latin word for lupus which means werewolf!


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