Visions. by: vadim polyashenko

Artist Statement.

The theme of my final project is “First Person Point of View” although it is named "Visions". All of the photos in this album / project will be in the theme of everything being in First Person View. I have a lot of creative ideas for this project. This project does include more than most of the techniques I have learned this semester. But the technique that will be mostly involved is Story Starter. All of my photos are Story Starters because they all are me doing something like as an activity BUT through a first person view! The techniques I will be using are , “ Black & White , Leading Lines, Minimalism , Rule of thirds, Fill the Frame, Cropping ,and more. Why I have chose this topic and came up with this idea is because I thought that it would be really creative to make a project about First person Point of View. I really think this is creative because I don't really see that much people take pictures like this. Want I want the viewers to see and experience is a different type of perspective from a person's eyes point of view and this project idea is not something you see commonly. These Photos are never still, as in that, I mean they always have a meaning to them and they all are either representing and activity. I hope you all enjoy my unique project.

Technique: Rule Of Thirds.
Technique: Texture.
Technique: Black & White.
Technique: Vertical Lines.
Technique: Small Scale.
Technique: Story Starter.
Technique: Fill The Frame.
Technique: Perspective.
Technique: Cover Art.
Technique: Framing Device.
Technique :Leading Line.
Technique: Eye Line.
Technique: Minimalism
Technique: Side Lighting.
Technique: Cropping.


Vadim Polyashenko is a 15 year old teenager attending Henrietta Lacks Health and Bio-science High School. He was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. He moved to the United States when he was only 2 years old. As a young kid he learned to read and write in two languages, Ukrainian and English. As a little kid in his free time he always liked to draw and he always was a creative kid. When he was 6 years he started getting into sports. The first sport he ever played was soccer. He was inspired by his dad to play soccer. His Dad is a really big soccer fan. As he grew older he kept playing soccer. When he turned 12 he got a camera for his birthday and got interested in photography. He started taking a lot of photos with his camera. When he turned 13 he started getting into Photography. He started designing on his computer and really enjoyed it. He still does it to this day. One of his biggest goals right now is to play soccer for his local High School. He had applied to join Henrietta Lacks High School and happily he did get accepted. When he had a decision to pick his electives one of his picks were photography. His attraction for photography was always strong. He has learned a lot of techniques in the class. With those techniques he is going to use them to accomplish his Final Project. He has always looked at life through a first person view just like everybody does. He made up a creative idea for his final photography project and his theme officially is "First Person point of View" It is a thoughtful and creative idea, and no one in his class has ever done something like it.

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Vadim Polyashenko

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