Fishery Biologist scientists who study fish and their habitats

a fishery biologist studying fish, a pod of fish in the ocean, and a fishery biologist about to go in the water to studyand record the fish
  • Study fish and supervise efforts to conserve natural habitats
  • They can work on boats, collecting samples and documenting statistics or they can work near streams, lakes, and fish hatcheries and conduct experiments.
  • They can specialize in population control, such as increasing the number of endangered species or decreasing the number of overpopulated species.
  • They can study how fish respond to diseases in hopes of finding medicinal cures for humans.
  • Biologists who work in basic fishery research conduct multiple studies to increase our understanding of different types of fish.

A park fisheries crew and volunteers electrofish in a park stream to sample brook trout populations.

associate fisheries biologist in the state Department of Fish and Game's Red Bluff office, holds up a massive Chinook salmon carcass found on Battle Creek

A fishery Biologist working to understand why the population of Southern Resident killer whales isn't rebounding, and what we can do to help them recover.

A fishery biologist injects a microchip Thursday into a juvenile fish captured in Buck Creek


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