A quote that Penelope relates too is ''you can not live your life looking at someone else point of view''.

A song that Penelope would listen too would be ''stay'' by Zedd.

My name is Penelope i am 14 years old .I am is outstanding and caring. According to Arnold i am very beautiful. No need to brag but i think i am too. I am very popular and i have many friends. I am popular at school according to everyone in my school. I mean i have a lot more friends than Arnold though. I have many dreams for when i grow up I want to see the world and its wonders. I also want to go to Stanford University. My dad is a racist is name is Earl but my dad and Arnold are on good terms together.

One of Penelope's moment was when she first met Arnold. He asked her what her name was and she found him strange at first. She had no idea who he even was or what he wanted from her. Then she made an effort to actually be Arnold's friend then. She never even realized on how much Arnold would mean to her.

Penelope is a dreamer. She loves to dreaming. She wants to go to Stanford for college still. She wants to study architecture to create something amazing. She has been read to leave since day one.


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