From History Teacher to TikTok Star: Mr. Jezak's Rise to Fame by peyton chewy, staff snack bar

Photo by Vivian Read, staff librarian

It’s been just three weeks since Pinewood history teacher Sam Jezak has joined social media platform TikTok, but he’s already experienced a surprising amount of success. What started out as a joke has transformed into something much more, and Jezak has no plans to quit.

“At first, I downloaded TikTok to show my students just how much I’d hate it, but they were right!” Jezak said. “TikTok is lit! [sic]”

Jezak’s account has already reached over 250,000 followers, and he’s been pumping out dozens of videos every day to satisfy his many fans. He can constantly be seen filming various dances in Pinewood’s halls or during class. While most of his students are happy for his success, many have also expressed concerns over his seeming addiction.

"He just told me 'follower check' and continued dancing."

“It’s been over two weeks since he’s graded anything,” junior Maritsa Christophorou said. “I’m really worried that he’s not paying enough attention to his real job.”

Sophomore Skylar Chui vocalized similar worries.

“History used to be my favorite class, but now we don’t even learn history,” Chui said. “All Mr. Jezak does is analyze TikTok trends and teach us new dances.”

Jezak seemed indifferent to the complaints.

“Who cares about education?” Jezak said. “As I always tell my students, you’ve got to TikTok your way to the top! Teaching is more of a side thing for me anyways, so I don’t know what Maritsa meant about paying attention to my real job.”

To the dismay of Jezak, some of Pinewood’s students have expressed a sense of annoyance with Jezak’s newfound fame.

“I tried to ask him politely while he was filming if he could go over the DBQ rubric, but he just told me ‘follower check’ and continued dancing,” junior Sean King said. “It’s extremely frustrating.”

“The worst thing isn’t even his weird dances, it’s the loud music,” junior James Duong said. “I’m trying to take his test, but he’s blasting Fortnite music, and after the follower check incident, no one wants to ask him to turn it down.”

Pinewood’s administration is looking into such accusations seriously and is allegedly considering firing Jezak. Jezak, however, remains unconcerned.

“I’m simply too famous for them to fire me,” Jezak said. “Haters gonna [sic] hate.”