Halloween Trouble By:EthAN mCDERMOTT

It was a dark night on October 31st, chillin with my buds. A gang of teenagers approached us, they said “Are you kids looking for trouble.” They tried to act tough, but everyone knew that they were trying to impress the other kids, and we were the ones that had to pay. They rolled up in a pickup truck, and threw rocks at us at first no one got hit because we took cover behind the house. They started to approach us. There was no reason for them to hurt us. So what were they doing? The truck was still in the front of the house, and the driver was still in the truck. The entire group except for the driver were following us. For what reason? I don't know? We ran into the shallow woods behind the house. Everyone hid behind a different tree we thought we were hidden….Until the tallest one yelled.THEY ARE BEHIND THE TREES!! We all went silent hoping that they wouldn't see us. We still didn't understand why they had to come after us. We didn't anything wrong that night. We all had enough with them. They standing at the edge of the woods and I was about 20 feet in. I said, “Why us, what do you gain from this.” They said nothing. I said “is that how you feel better about yourself? You chase 14 year olds into the woods? Pick on someone your own size.” Then.. They left. We stayed in the woods for little longer because we could still hear their voices in the front of the house. When we came out of the woods we saw the truck driving away. When they were gone we went to some houses and got some extra candy. We thought they would be back, but we did not know when. So we kept getting more candy. As the streets cleared, and the kids went back to their houses. Just as we were about to go into my friends house they came back. We weren't afraid this time because we were in the front yard and we could easily get in the house if they came for us.

They approached the front of the lawn and stopped. We new they would try to say something stupid to scare us, but when they spoke, all they said was…… “Thank you”. We thought this can't be true what are they thinking? What do they want to do? After this they said sorry again. One of them said “We didn't know what we doing, i guess we were just trying to be cool, and show off in front of our friends.” We started to forgive them because what they were saying seemed legit. Also every now and then everybody tries to impress. We walked back into the house, and we all said thank goodness that thats over. We were talking about what happened after we got inside. I just remember thinking about what happened and how weird it was right before i went to sleep.

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