Donald Trump's Views On GLobAl WarMing

What does Trump say?

Donald Trump does not believe in or accept the scientific evidence that backs up global warming. He once said, that global warming is a "hoax" and the Chinese created this issue in order to hurt the United States in manufacturing.

President: Donald Trump

How Does Trump's Cabinet Feel?

The current Head of the Department of Energy is Rick Perry. Perry has just about the same views on Global Warming. At first, Perry said that climate change is a "contrived phony mess." Nowadays, in a more recent interview he stated that climate change is real but it should not affect American jobs in any way.

Department of Energy: Rick Perry

The current Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is Scott Pruitt. His views on Climate Change are extremely similar to Trump's and Perry's views.

Head of EPA: Scott Pruitt

Impact of New Administration and Change

Like Trump just said in the video above, he does not believe in global warming to a dramatic extent. Therefore, that is not one of his top priorities for change. However, he did say he is a strong believer in clean air and water. He will make a push to cleanse our water and air throughout the country. Cleaning our water and air could actually affect climate change positively. This environmental issue appears to be much more important to President Trump.



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