Aqua and Sky's adventure BY aubree Krebs

On a hot summer day in July, me and my best friend Sky were enjoying the sun and a cold glass of lemonade in the pool. as the sun was shining down on me I began to feel tingling in my feet, it began to rise up to my head.
"What is happening to me" I asked Sky
"I don't know, but it is really hot out here" complained Sky
A voice yell out "you are ringing off"
The tingling began to get worse, and as we knew it we were moving down the water fall me and Sky were screaming our heads off. We both closed our eyes and hoped that the water fall would soon come to an end.
"IS IT OVER YET?" I yelled so Sky could her me
"I DONT KNOW" screamed Sky
"LETS OPEN OUR EYES ON THREE" I yelled as loud as I could
"OK" replied Sky
As i opened my eyes we were both at the bottom of the ocean.
"It-s freez-ing do-wn he-re" I said as I grinded my teeth
"Ye-ah wh-en a-re w-e go-ing ho-me" asked Sky
"I do-not k-now b-u-t I ho-pe so-on" I said
It's cold!
As me and Sky were sitting in the bottom of the ocean freezing our buts off I saw a whale in the near.
"Sky you see that?" I asked
"Yes the whale" she replied
"I wondered if he could help us get out of here" I exclaimed
Me and Sky swam over to the whale as fast as we could.
"Hi my name is Aqua and this is my friend Sky, we were wondering if you could help us get out of here" I said to the whale
"Sure where are you to heading." Asked the whale
"Well we need to head up to the clouds so they can rain us down to the glaciers" I told the whale
"Ok go ahead and get on my tail so I can just fling you up there" replied the whale
As me and Sky hoped onto the whales tales tale we saw that he had a few cuts on him.
"What are all these cuts from" I asked
"Well I have been in a lot of fights, some animals don't understand that I don't eat meat and I'm a vegetarian." Said the whale replied
"Oh I'm sorry" said me and Sky
As the whale flinged us up to the clouds he said that his name was Lucas and that he hoped to see us one day again. Me and Sky landed on a big pink fluffy clouds
We will just evaporate
As we rose up we began to condensate
We will be home soon
"Hello there my name is candy, what can I help you with?" Asked candy
"Hi my name is Aqua and this is my friend Sky, we need help getting home. Could you rain us both down." I said to candy
"Sure but before you do that can you go and get me a peace of candy from over there, my friend Chloe won't let me because I always eat it to fast." Mumbled Candy
"Sure we can we will be right back." I replied to candy
Me and Sky wondered our way over to Candys friend and asked for some candy.
"Hi my name is cotton cloud, what can I help you with" asked cotton cloud
"Well we actually do need something, me and my friend Sky were wondering if we could have some candy" I asked
"Sure you can" replied cotton cloud
Cotton gave us some candy and told us not to eat it fast because she doesn't want anyone to choke. Me and Sky walked over to candy and gave him the candy.
"Thank you guys so much I would never have gotten this with out your guyses help"
"No problem, could you send us down now" I asked with a polite voice
Me and Sky got into Candys back and he began to rain us down I yelled thank you as we were falling
"Yay we are precipitating"
Thank you 😊
We landed in the glaciers, there was snow on the ground ice everywhere and a polar bear and her cubs playing in the snow. Me and Sky walked over to the parlor bear to ask her for help.

"Hi my name is Aqua and this is my friend Sky we need help getting home, we were wondering if you could help us?"
"We would love to wear are you heading?" Asked pala
"We actually don't know yet. What happened was we were drinking a glass of lemonade and then we ended up in the ocean and then in the clouds and now we are here." I complained
"It sounds to me like you are going through the water cycle" pala told me
"What is the water cycle?" Sky asked
"The water cycle happens when a water droplet or in your case droplets, stay out in the sun for to long they start to evaporate and go in to the Sky or go down into the ocean." Explained pala
"Oh I get it now, so could you help us get home?" I asked
"You should be heading for the plants next its not to far from here, hop on" added pala
Me and Sky got onto Palas back, her and her cubs began to run I was holding on for my life. Palas fur was soft and warm I now understand how polar bears can stand this cold. Me and Sky were freezing our buts of and were wondering when we would be back home, our moms our probably worrying sick about us, I began to wonder if they were even looking for us or if they even knew that we were gone.
"We are here if you guys go over there through the plants you will meet praying mantis he will help you get out of here" explained Pala
We are now running of the glacier
"Thank you for the help" I grassfuly said to Pala
"No problem, if you need anything you know where to find me"
Me and Sky walked over to where Pala told us to go all of the plants I saw where huge they were probably 5 times the size of me. As we kept walking I saw a huge butterfly and a ladybug 🐞
"How can we help you?" Asked the huge butterfly
At the moment I was scared because she was so huge and I'm me
"Well our friend Pala said that we are going through the water cycle and that we need to go to the plants, she said that grasshopper would help us to know where to go next" I explained to her
"Oh alright I see" said the big butterfly
"Grass come here!" Butterfly shouted
"What do you want from me don't you see I'm trying to take a nap!" Shouted back to butterfly
"Oh get your lazy but up and come help these young lady's get home" belted butterfly
"Alright I'm coming I'm coming" mumbled grass hopper
Grass hopper slowly walked towards me and Sky and asked
"What do you two want, Don't you see I was sleeping?" Asked grasshopper
"Well Pala said that we are going through the water cycle and that we needed to come here" I said as fast as I could so I wouldn't make Grasshopper mad
"Well then what you guys need to do is to take this elevator down and that will take you to the soil you will then find worm and he will help you from there on" said grasshopper
"Ok thank you" me and Sky replied
Me and Sky jumped in the elevator and pushed level one
Now we are seeping and are turning into groundwater
"When are we getting out of here" asked Sky
"I don't know but I hope soon it has been one day I am starting to miss mom" I mumbled
"I do to, she is probably freaking out." Said Sky
Ding! The bell rang
"wow where are we?" I asked
The place was dark and muggy I felt scared but I wanted to see more
"Is this the place that Grasshopper was talking about" asked Sky
"I think so, but wear is worm" I asked
Everyone freezes and stairs at me and Sky, I felt a cold breeze of air come out of nowhere
"I think they know who worm Is" whispered Sky
Did someone say my name asked a worm
"Yes um that was us, hi my name is Aqua and this is my friend Sky. We are going through the water cycle and our friend Grasshopper told us to come down into the soil lands and ask you" I explained to worm
"Oh i see so you guys need my help getting out of here" asked worm
"Yes exactly" i replied
"Ok well what you guys need to go through the river all the way to the water fall which will take you tho the ocean" explained Worm
"But that is where it happened in the first place" I said
"Well I don't know what to tell you" replied Worm
Me and Sky started walking our way back to the way we started, the ocean.
Do you think that we are going the ever get home? Asked Sky
"I don't know but I hope soon. I'm starting to get really hungry," I mined
"Me too, I'm really craving moms apple pie right now" groaned Sky
I want to go home😩😭
7 hours later
"Are we there yet?" asked Sky
"I don't think so maybe a little while longer" I answered,
After two days of walking me and Sky finally made it out, we saw whale again and asked him to do the same thing that he did the first time, he flung us up back into the clouds wear we saw Cotton.
He asked us to do the same thing that we did last time he asked us to go get candy from candy, she kept asking us why and we told her that we haven't eaten in days and that we needed candy really badly.
Cotton finally rained us down, me and Sky landed back in the glaciers. This time instead of taking the long way out we took the short way out.
We went to the lake right wear we started, it was good to be back home.
Me and Skys moms were worried sick because they haven't seen us in 14 days.
My mom made me and Sky a apple pie, it was the best thing I had ever eaten.
My mom made it for us because she felt so bad that we had made it 14 days without eating.
I think we should go through the water cycle more often anything to get more of that apple pie.
The end☺️

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