Bruno Mars Comes to Clemson Abby WIlson

It was mid spring and Abby was quite stressed about the upcoming event she was planning. As the event chair for her sorority, Abby was required to put on one last event before school let out. Abby wanted to put on an event that was different, original, and popular among students. Her sorority had put on events previously but none of them ended up being as successful as they had wished. The best idea that Abby could come up with was to have a karaoke night at the on-campus Starbucks. She figured that most students enjoyed Starbucks and that many students would be attracted to the event from the start.

Abby put out fliers and announcements in hopes of her event ending up prosperous. She posted of every social media cite she could. Abby and her sorority sisters additionally spent countless hour on Library Bridge tabling and spreading the word. When the big night finally came around, she decorated Starbucks with fun decorations. She rented the best karaoke machine she could find.

The night started out pretty well. There was a decent amount of people there and participation was exceptional. Right when Abby didn't think the night could get any better...

Bruno Mars walks through the doors. Yes, the Treasure loving, 24k gold wearing, heartthrob came to Abby's event! Everyone on campus that wasn't already at Starbucks flooded there to watch Bruno Mars perform.

Once the event was over and everyone was done fan-girling over Bruno Mars, Abby was cleaning up and she got a chance to speak to Bruno himself. He claimed that he had seen tons of posts on social media and that he enjoyed surprising fan at their events and parties. He seemed to be a very genuine celebrity and vowed to come to another event of Abby's very soon. As expected, the Starbucks Karaoke night ending up being very successful and Abby's sorority plans to put it on again next year.


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